Love story


Why raw foods?

Angelika: Because raw treats are the perfect balance of INDULGING and NOURISHING. I couldn’t find desserts, treats or snacks on the marketwhich can bring deliciousness with nutrient dense. I started to experiment with raw food and realized that there are plenty of ways to enjoy plant based healthy and wholesome foods. So, I came up with raw treats as my replacement of protein, energy or breakfast bars, and snacks. They are full of superfood, higher in NUTRIENTS and DELICIOUS. I couldn’t ask for more! Love Love treats could simultaneously be delicious without refined sugar or agave and deliver to your body various nutritional needs with low calories. Cakes story was very simple, I was making unbaked cakes for my family and friends. Everyone loves dessert but feel guilty when they eat them. My cakes are guilt free, delicious, filling and light at the same time. So, you don’t need a lot to feel satisfied and happy.

What led you to open your business?

Angelika: After spending over 17 years working in the corporate world, I realized that I’m missing ME, my real ME. I asked myself what truly gives me joy, and realized that I have to share my FEELING, LOVE and PASSION with people. So, food is my way of SELF-EXPRESSION and creative expression, communication and sharing. It’s the most amazing feeling to see people light up when they eat my wholesome food by indulging and nourishing their bodies and minds. This is my way to give a peace of my love to others. Since childhood I’ve had a passion for cooking and baking. It’s the best gift I got from my grandmother, who was a fervent cook and passionate baker. Baking was a part of my everyday childhood, so naturally, a love for baking grew out of it. I even graduated from ICE, the Institute of Culinary Education, thinking to open a bakery but, my baking skills transformed into unbaking.

What products are you currently selling?

We offer four bite size treats and three different kind of cakes. Each product has an unique combination of adaptogens and superfood. BITEEZ are indulgent without guilt. It’ the energy bullets of with maca and cacao – only one reason for worrying about how many you eat. LOVEEZ are natural protein dessert with different seeds and protein – power bar in cup. ZEEZEEZ are a nutrient-packed raw cookie with buckwheat and cordyceps – the best breakfast. TIGEREEZ are cheesecakes like nut-free desserts made from roots- tigernuts. LoveLove Naked Chocolaty cake are unbaked, unprocessed, plant-based and nut free. Custom cakes are available upon request in different sizes and types.

Love Love what it is? What is the meaning of “Love Yourself, Love What You Eat”?

Angelika: LoveLove means loving yourself by taking care of your soul, your well being, your heart, keeping peace in your mind, everything that is you, and including beautiful body of yours. Your body is the best gift you have. I truly believe in MIND and BODY connection. The two go hand in hand. I believe in body movement, but you can’t move without food. The second love is all about food. Food can make us happy and sad, food can help and hurt, food can be a celebration or obsession. You must not just enjoy your food but know that you are giving your body all it needs. So love yourself and love what you eat. When you love yourself you have ability to take care of others, share your love and make people happier.

How do you bring your two worlds together, you love working out; so why desserts and treats? Don’t they seem contradictory?

Angelika: I’m definitely crazy about body movement. I’m a barre instructor at the Bar Method. My mentality is that before and after your work out, you must INDULGE yourself through consuming delicious food to ENERGIZE your body. What could be a better indulgent than desserts and treats. So, it’s “dessert,” but it’s also fuel for your body. I believe that truly loving yourself is a combination of how you move your body to release tension and what you put into your body to make yourself healthier. It’s HEALING yourself through movement and food, or it’s marrying food and wellness. LOVE LOVE: love yourself, love what you eat.

LOVE LOVE: love yourself, love what you eat