The dessert you’ve been waiting for

The dessert you’ve been waiting for…When deliciousness meets nourishment!

Love Love Sweets is one of a kind unique dessert – unprocessed and plant-based. All our sweets made with organic and raw ingredients such as fresh fruits, seeds, coconut products, cacao, or naturally occurring sugar like maple. Cakes are free from refined sugar or agave, gluten, grains, nuts, dairy, soy, or any preserves.

Today, there is a clear lack of offerings for pure, delicious and nutritional desserts on the market. We all need a healthy alternative dessert category in the industry. Our reinventing sweets change the traditional desserts category by making indulgence more enjoyable.

We created great taste with simple recipes and organic ingredients. Pairing each ingredient with a specific nutritional profile creates fuel for your body and satisfies your cravings with delicious superfood desserts. You will not believe that a dessert treat can taste this good and still provide all the vital nutrients to your body. Love yourself and Love what you eat! 

Love Love Sweets are made raw then frozen, maintaining the nutritional value of each carefully curated ingredient. We are proud to be an innovative environmentally friendly company, producing minimal waste, using raw ingredients, saving energy by avoiding baking processes.  All cakes have 12 months shelf life in freezer. After thaw cakes can be refrigerated for 10 days

This is a new era for more indulgence without guilt. There is clearly a lack of healthy dessert offerings on the market. Love Love Sweets meets the demand of the current market trends while providing clean nourishment to the customer. This new category of superfood desserts options is for everyone to enjoy sweets while nourishing the body.

Love Love Sweets are light in calories because they are free from grains, nut, and oil. Love Love Sweets are powerful because you don’t need to eat a lot of them to feel full and satisfied. Since all ingredients are unprocessed, they absorb moisture in stomach, grows in size and give you satisfaction and fulfillment for a long time.

We focus on the simplicity and quality of ingredients. Paring each ingredient with a specific nutritional profile creates fuel for the body and satisfies cravings, indulgences and provides nourishment. With our no-bake approach, we maintain the nutritional value in the ingredients, offering a clean label products with an exquisite taste, keeping a long shelf life than a freshly baked cake, and keeping environment clean.