Interview With Angelika Kaprelian, Founder and Creator of Love Love Sweets

How Did You Get Started In Unprocessed Plant Based Desserts?

Angelika:Once you’ve tasted a Love Love Sweets dessert, you are going back in time and tasting a bit of my story. Love Love Sweets didn’t start as just an idea I had for a business, no, it started as my indulgent without guilt. 10 years ago I began suffering from a skin ailment called Rosacea. I changed my eating habits by removing all processed foods, gluten, grains, refined sugar, and meat from my diet. After months of living my new lifestyle, the Rosacea disappeared…BUT, I could hardly find desserts that were delicious, light, and nutritious. So, I started to experiment and make different types of no bake desserts.

Why Did You Choose To Go No Bake Instead of Baked Desserts?

Angelika: My goal was to create a delicious and nutritious sweest! When you eat unprocessed, your body is able to digest and absorb all of the nutrients and minerals from the food, but when you eat something baked many of the good things are destroyed. That’s why I chose ingredients such as fresh fruits, seeds, coconut, and other amazingly healthy and yummy superfoods! Fuel your body while Indulgencing.

What Made You So Adamant To Create Cakes & Desserts Like This?

Angelika: I couldn’t find TRUE delicious, light and clean desserts. So, I wanted to create desserts that would stand out and be something all adults and kids can eat! Also, I didn’t want to exclude the people who want to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or special occasion without having to either try to make it themselves or substitute for something that really didn’t give them the experience they were looking for.

Tell Us A Fun Fact About Yourself That Your Customers May Not Know

Angelika: My customers may not know that I am a barre instructor at the Bar Method in New Jersey studios and I spent 17 years in advertising. I truly believe that loving yourself is a combination of what you do, how you move your body and what you put into your body. It’s all about loving and healing your body through mind balance, movement and healthy food.

What’s Your Motivation Every Day To Keep Creating Your Amazing Cakes and Desserts?

Angelika: As I created my desserts and shared them with people, I noticed something amazing about each person who tried them… They all had HUGE smiles on their faces. At that moment I realized that I began to walk in my purpose. My sweets were making people happy and the joy I felt every time I see their smiles cannot be put into words. So, every day I’m motivated by the smiles I receive from my customers and especially when I see people try my desserts for the very first time! I strive every day to create the most delicious desserts with fresh fruits and clean raw ingredients, make sweets gluten free, grains free, even nut free for vegan peeps and not, to share them in New York area and nationwide!

Any Words For Our Readers?

Angelika: When my customers take a bite of my creation they may not know the story behind it, but I hope they can feel my heart. My desserts are my way of sharing, creating, and continuing to walk my purpose of bringing joy to others! That’s how I came up with the name Love Love Sweets. The double love means Love yourself and Love what you eat! Whether you want a birthday cake, wedding cake, or just a sweet treat for your cravings, Love Love Sweets is here to serve you with truly delicious vegan cakes and desserts! I truly believe that being healthy starts with what you put into your body and if you properly nourish yourself then your body will love you back! Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and if you haven’t tried a Love Love Sweets dessert, I hope when you do, my delicious and nutritious treat brings that magical smile to your face too!

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LOVE LOVE: love yourself, love what you eat