About Us

Welcome to Love Love world of deliciousness, the world of unprocessed, plant based desserts. Love Love is the first real ‘naked’ desserts! All sweets are plant based 💯 UNPROCESSED made with organic fresh fruits, superfood, without refined sugar or agave, gluten and grains. Our sweets are crazy delicious!

We created great taste with simple recipes and organic ingredients. Pairing each ingredient with a specific nutritional profile creates fuel for your body and satisfies your cravings with delicious treats and cakes. Indulge yourself in the nourishment! 

You will not believe that a dessert can taste this good and still provide all the vital nutrients that you need. When deliciousness meets nourishment. Love Yourself, and Love What You Eat!


Why Did You Choose To Go No Bake Instead of Baked Desserts?

 Not only was my goal for these cakes and desserts to be delicious, but I also wanted them to be healthy and nutritious! When you eat raw, your body is able to digest and absorb all of the nutrients and minerals from the food, but when you eat something baked many of the good things are destroyed. That’s why I chose ingredients such as fresh fruits, seeds, coconut, avocados, and other amazingly healthy and yummy raw superfoods! My favorite thing to say is, “eat without guilt” because as you indulge you are also giving your body the low-calorie nutrients it needs.