Vegan Dessert Arizona

Arizona the desserts you’ve been waiting for are here now! Now you can enjoy Love Love Sweets in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Love Love Sweets made with simple and organic ingredients but still delicious desserts. Every bite of our sweets creation will bring you joy! Plant-based and unprocessed sweets are made with superfoods such as fresh fruits, seeds, coconut products, maple syrups or dates for sweetness, which are nutritious and simply delicious.

Our unique pairing of each ingredient with its specific nutritional profile makes our sweets satisfying and easily digestible. You can enjoy them for breakfast, snacks, dessert, or even as a meal replacement. Eat them as your ice cream treat or regular dessert.

Visit us at farmers mates when you get cravings for some coffee, some goodness, and something sweet. And if you can’t do gluten, no problem! We have lots of gluten-free goodies, grain-free, nut-free and without any refined sugar or preservatives. Plus, everything is organic and vegan. So you know it’s all made with love – nothing but love.

About Love Love sweets

The story of Love Love Sweets began ten years ago when I (Angelika Kaprelian) suffered from Rosacea. I changed my diet to remove all processed foods, gluten, grains, refined sugar, and preservatives, and after a few months, my skin condition cleared up. However, I found it challenging to find delicious and healthy desserts. So I started experimenting and making my no-bake desserts. Each Love Love Sweet is a little taste of my story, created with love and without guilt.

That’s why my desserts the “Best Dessert in the Phoenix Metro Area.”